Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I know all 5 of you that read this have been eagerly awaiting my return to bloggerville. (Similar to margaritaville. Just as much tequila, but a few more pictures.) After taking zero pictures of anything that had to do with my birthday celebration, I am back. You can rest easy now. Speaking of rest, Ive been doing a lot of the lately because my knee started hurting again last time I ran. I'm feeling good now and I got some new shoes and I'm gonna take them out for a test run later today. Here's to hopin'.
(I got brooks adrenaline gts 11 in case you JUST HAVE TO KNOW.) I'll let you know how they are after a run and also my experience with buying them. But today is all about being 23.
I still dont know how to match. Yes thats pink on pink.
I've been thinking of the 23 things I want to do this year....What you dont do that? But you're a blogger (or blog reader) so you almost definitely make at least 5 lists a day, right? But I've decided to break it up into manageable bites and think of the first 10 things I want to accomplish during this year. Some are big, some are small, some are just odd and you will question my sanity. Thats cool, it happens. But here it goes.
1. pr my half marathon.
Um this is going to be cake. I ran my whole half at a super easy pace and didn't push myself at all. Ideally I want sub 1:50, but we'll see. Beating 2:13 will suffice.
2. Get a haircut 
I don't remember the last time someone else cut my hair....could be interesting.
3. Go to a state I've never been to.
I haven't counted recently, but I've probably been to around half of them, so we'll see where this takes me. Oregon perhaps? Last year I went to Nevada and Washington.
4. Get Chuck-a-roos tooth pulled
Another weird one. He has a baby tooth that needs to be taken out and I've been putting it off because it isnt life threatening but they said the sooner the better.
5. Ride my bike once a week.
Self explanatory. Good cross training...also I love riding my bike. This could lead to something else, but that, again, is for another day.
6. Go through all the boxes we still have
It's been about a year of living in LA and there are still some packed boxes....whoops
7. Put some art up on the wall
Self explanatory, again. I love this idea
8. Gait analysis
Already done. Is that cheating? Oh well.
9. Cross off at least 3 books from my reading list.
This should be easy. I have a million books on my reading list that I never seem to get around to because I find new books to read. It feels like unfinished business.
10. Run a sub 25 5k. 
I'm not sure how easy or hard this will be. If its too easy this will be updated, but if it's hard, bring on the challenge.
So there it is, the first 10 and 13 more to go.

On a sorta-kinda birthday related note, I got a pickle after leaving magic mountain on Saturday and was so bewildered by the FIVE SERVINGS they suggested. Who eats 1/5 of a pickle?
super blurry, sorry
Its big, but not 5 servings big
Is that outrageous to anyone but me?

Do you pay much attention to serving size?

Do you have any current goals?

What is your favorite State and what do you suggest doing there?

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Cait's Plate said...

Hahah - that is pretty outrageous - I've never heard of one pickle equaling five servings before in my life!

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