Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charlie and the Cat

Since I've been on summer break for the past couple weeks I haven't been getting up as early as I did when I had to go to class. This morning, instead of my usual 10am wake up (I know...I'm not a morning person) I had to get up at 7:30 to have time to let CB run around before I took him to the groomer. I had an old friend help me with the early for me wake up call.

But as Chuck-a-roo and I were playing in the park I realized how much I missed being up somewhat early. It really is nice to be out in the crisp morning air with a gallon of coffee and a crazy pup. CB likes it too because he gets to play with his cat friend.
If we go to the little park early enough we always see his little (ok its a huge cat) friend. I think Charlie is more excited to see the cat then the cat is ever to see Charlie. But this is pretty much what happens every morning.
-Charlie gets hot on the trail of something
- Charlie sees Cat
- Charlie thinks Cat wants to play and runs toward him
- Charlie "plays" with Cat by running in circles around him until he gets bored (up to 10 minutes...really)
- Charlie gets bored and Cat comes over to get some petting.
(No picture, Cat moves too much) Seriously this is the friendliest (most likely stray) cat.
Not 10 minutes later Charlie then licks and walks on this dude
The End!
Ok the snail part doesn't happen on a daily basis, but it happened when I was taking those pictures.

CB is now back from Pink Pucci and looking as handsome as ever. They were extremely sweet and he was really happy when I went to pick him up. I'd say his first visit to the puppy spa was a success. He was really needing his nails trimmed (among some other things.) Obviously he wanted a post groom photo shoot.
Finding the perfect spot

Wishing he had puppy sun glasses

Look at that shine!!!

Glad to be home

Especially with his duck

Besides the CB adventures I've been trying to make an appointment with a sports medicine doctor and now I'm just waiting for them to call back. The doctor is an iron man and ultra runner, and their website says their solution isn't to tell their patients to stop running/biking/swimming/etc so I'm feeling a lot better about it. It's good to have someone understand and I really just want to be healthy and running around.

Do you take your pet to the groomers?

Have you had any good experiences with doctors? Bad?

How do you feel about google+? (If you need/want an invite just let me know)

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Cait's Plate said...

Hahaha aww that poor snail! Charlie is too cute. I don't have any pets so I don't take them to the groomers but I've definitely had my fair share of good (and bad!) experiences with my own doctors. Finding a good one is really key. I think Google + is pretty cool actually. I hope it takes over Facebook!

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