A-Z of me

Ok so its not really going to be A-Z, but I think you get the point.
Just being a ham in San Francisco
I am many things: runner, student, food lover, dog lover, and goofball.

We will start with student. Sometimes it feels like I will be a student forever, but in reality the end is nearing. Long story short, I have taken my time enjoying life, traveling about, meeting people, being a carefree young woman and put school on hold. But, education is extremely important to me so here I am with 3 semesters to go. I'm in school getting my bs in mathematics with an option in education. Basically I get my bs in mathematics, take a couple education courses along the way and then get my secondary education teaching credential.

Of course (haha) I love to cook. Even though some days/weeks I'm not creative and we eat pizza and enchiladas for weeks at a time, I still love it. Oh, and I live with my boyfriend that likes to eat what I cook and Charlie likes when hes sneaky and gets a bite too. I try to cook fairly healthy meals that are mostly vegetarian, but I do eat fish sometimes :]

I am a runner. I'm not the fastest, I haven't been running since I was 3, I haven't always been obsessed, but I am a runner. My senior year of high school I started running to cross train when I was training for some big cycling events. I ended up with injuries and December '10 my friend convinced me to train for a half marathon with her. I agreed and here we are. I'm in love and I'm training smarter. I just completed my first half 6/5/11 and couldn't be happier. Now I'm working on getting speedy and running for life.

And of course we cant forget Charlie. You can find out a couple things about him here. I am a lover of all dogs, but especially my little boo. (He's cuddled up in my lap as I type this.)  At times he can be a hand full, but hes always a sweet heart.  He is my first real dog. I say real dog like I've had lots of fake dogs, but really I mean my very own pupperoo.

And the goofball part you'll just have to read the blog  :]

xoxo, Alyssa and Charlie