Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Favorites

I've been a little non existent on the internet front the past week or so.
Seriously, I even deactivated my facebook account. Who am I?
But I've been trying to enjoy my summer break as much as I can instead
of melting my brain on the internet all day. Instead I've been melting
my brain watching movies all day :]

I've gotta say that I love summer. Sure, most of that love stems from not
having to be in school (the whole time), but there are lots of other
reasons too.  But these are just 3 of my summer favorites.

1.  Outdoor activities
Swimming, biking, hiking. You name it and I love it. I love not having to
go to the gym to get my sweat on when its not a running day.

2. Shave Ice
 Sure I'm probably a bad blogger for not being obsessed with frozen yogurt,
but I really like not being sick after I eat my frozen treatsShave ice and
snow cones (the soft ones, not the gross crunchy baseball game ones) are
my fro-yo. I kinda like snow cones better because there are a million more
flavors, but I take what I can get and lime is delicious. 
(Side note: a lot of the pictures I found when I looked for shaved ice pictures involved Obama. I thought it was hilarious)

3. Tank tops
I love them all, but these are some of my favorites and wants (apparently
I only like racer backs)


And those are my top three! Don't get me wrong, there are a million things I like about summer, but the list would go on indefinitely if I didnt stop somewhere. Perhaps I'll do a part two?

On a not so lovey-dovey note, my knee is still bothering me. Its not as bad as it was, but I've been getting about .5 miles before it starts to hurt and I stop. It's getting frustrating, but If it doesn't stop in the next week I'm going to go to the doctor. I'm hoping for a miracle cure in the next couple days though so that I can keep on my doctorless streak. 

Happy summer!

What are your favorite things about summer?

When you have a running injury do you wait or go to the doctor imediately?

Have any of you had trouble posting with polyvore or just me? Layout nightmare today :[

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