Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Apple Pie Day

I had good intentions to wake up early to get some running and homework in, but that didn't exactly happen. Instead, I woke up with my throat feeling swollen and itchy and decided to try to sleep it off. I'm not 100%, but definitely better than I was this morning.

So after a couple hours of this (Yay my last test is on Thursday!!)
I embarked on my apple pie plans. Holidays are made for pie...and I guess celebrating our country or whatever. I used a basic pie dough recipe and filling (Thanks Martha and Paula)....except I kinda forgot the lemon in the filling. Its still getting in my mouth.
At one point the dough looked like this.
I dont like big apple chunks. Its all about slices here.
And the moment you've all been waiting for....The pocket pies! I figured two of us didn't really need a whole pie to ourselves so I made 3 babies instead. Everything is better in baby form... To make the star topped one I just cut out lots of little stars with a cookie cutter and layered them over the pie filling. Easy as...cake.

Brown sugar in a jar is much less of a mess! just sayin
Charlie sat in his chair while we ate dinner. I say his chair because no one else really likes it. Its not particularly good looking or comfortable, but pupperoo seems to be into it.
On a completely unrelated note I was particularly pleased with my strands today. Good thing no one but Matt and pups got to see!

How did you celebrate?

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