Friday, July 1, 2011

Fit [mind] Friday

Uh oh, the "four letter word" feminism, and an f-word at that. But all joking aside, cue article.
How to talk to little girls.
...Have you read it now?
I think its very interesting and Bloom makes a great point that we should put focus on something  other than appearance. It definitely made me evaluate how I approach people. Just a little something to think about this beautiful Friday.  Now on to the food!

Quinoa porridge (?) I guess?  I had a lot of quinoa leftover from dinner so I warmed it up in almond milk, sprinkled doused it in cinnamon and topped it with strawberries and peanut butter.
It sounded a lot better than it was. The strawberries were purrrrrfect, but I'm not a sweet quinoa liker I guess. Sir Charles seemed to like the bite he snagged though.

Todays run was an easy 4 miles. Nothing to report really. I want to keep healthy and injury free before some real training begins. More "cross training" time with CB now :]

Happy July!

What are your favorite berries?
Strawberries here, but I am a lover of all berries.. It takes a lot of self restraint to not eat the whole container in one sitting strawberries though.

Do you have July 4th plans?
a picnic! you'll see :]

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