Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Rundown

Wow the weekend flew by.  Good thing everyone in the Charlie house has tomorrow off to celebrate. So just a little recap of the weekend and the few pictures I snagged. Seriously I'm the worst blogger. We went to Benihana because I had never been and I didnt have a camera on me of any sort. Either way it was fun and delicious and you'll just have to go yourself if youre curious like me and have never gone. 
Some of our finds on our walks

An elephant or an M....cant decide

Much more purple in person

H was super hot. It was a warm weekend her in CA

Lots of oats were consumed.  First they looked like this.....

 But they almost always ended up looking like this with pbj and eaten en route to work. (oops!)

 "If I open my eyes really hard no one will notice how tired I am."
I know my mirror is gross
I think it might be time for more blush...
 Lots of these two beverages were consumed

 I ate my first (not dried) fig! Delicious! Too bad its an awful picture.
These were worn a couple times.
Party on and get ready for some sweet treats tomorrow.

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