Friday, June 24, 2011

3 days without running water and FRS

OK so we didn't completely not having running water, but we didn't have COLD water at all. I'll start from the beginning. Sometime during the day Tuesday I'm trying to fill up the water pitcher but lo and behold, no cold water. I knew the water hadn't been turned off because I just washed my hands. So I just go about my day per usual not really paying too much attention to it. Then I try to go down to the laundry room that is directly below us but its closed. UM, what? There's a note on the door saying there has been a "plumbing emergency" and that some units may be experiencing no cold water, but not 20 minutes later I hear one of the guys saying only us and one other unit don't have cold water. What the heck, management? Why didn't you just knock on my door/call/leave a piece of paper telling me instead of me being confused all day. Anyway, nothing really happened about it Tuesday or Wednesday but finally on Thursday they jack hammered through the concrete and fixed it, YAY!

So just a couple things. It doesn't seem that living without just cold water would be too hard, and it's really not, but there were it's disadvantages. One of these was that the toilet tank wouldn't fill so we had to fill it ourselves. Not fun. Also, showering was an issue. Our water goes from icy to boiling in about 1 minute and I do not like for my skin to melt off in the shower. Oh well, a couple days without a shower never hurt anyone I'm just glad everything is back to normal.

So Thursdays are usually my rest day (or one of my rest days if im being lazy hehe), because I'm mostly gone from about 5:30am- 8:45pm with the exception of a quick run home to bug Charlie. It's a long day without going to the gym. But, I felt pretty off on Wednesday so I decided to suck it up and go for a quick tempo run after class yesterday. So after work, I headed home for lunch and took Chuck-a-roo for a walk to his favorite neighborhood park.

When 7:45 rolled around I was feeling a little tired, as I was expecting. Good thing I remembered that at the race expo a couple weeks ago I snagged a couple bottles of FRS and decided to give one a try. I don't usually go for pre workout drinks and I definitely don't go for energy drinks (other than coffee) but this sounded pretty good and good for you. Guarana and Taurine always make me feel terrible so I avoid them at all costs, but FRS has quercetin which didn't seem to affect me like that. I just felt like a normal person and I didn't feel crazy during my run either. I had the apricot nectarine flavor and it mostly just tasted like fruit juice. Overall a solid product and one that I can see buying again when in an energy pinch. Check em out.**

To top off a long day, I had a great run, and that made it all worth it. It was just a 35 minute tempo run + lots of stretching but it felt good. Warm up and cool down at ~9:50 pace and 13 minutes at ~8:30 pace. It felt good and sweaty. It also felt good to come home and eat a delicious dinner that I have a recipe to share with you later in the day! Happy Friday.

Have you ever had to go without hot or cold water?

When is your rest day(s)?

(**I reviewed FRS on my own, they didnt pay me I just like the product.)

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