Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Charlie

This is Charlie, or Sir Charles Barkley, officially. He is my 3 year old Corgi Chihuahua mix and just a bundle of fun and love. Being young hes got tons of energy and loves to run. He can run for days. Really, I think he would run all day if I let him.  He's a great little running buddy even if he would rather not be on the leash. So without further ado the many sides of Charlie have earned him many names other than his usual "Charlie."

Roo, when we run and he jumps around like a kangaROO
Poops (hehe) when he's being a mischievous little thing
Sir Charles when we are being silly
Wiggles when someone gets home and he wags his whole body
Prancer because he does just walk, he prances
And those are just a few of the seemingly endless nick names for this little boy. But now he is prancing around to go outside, so you must excuse me

Do you have a dog?
Do you give your pets nick names?

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