Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Changing Plans and Speed Work

Summer is for summer school, right? Right! Or at least for the next few weeks until my class is over and i get a REAL break (applause).  Because spending a couple hours a night M/W/Th in a classroom for a measly 5.5 weeks was going to make my fall semester not as killer you bet I took that deal. So here I am taking an upper division Statistics class (Probability, if you wanted to know) when I could have almost absolute freedom. Really it's not so bad. It's good to keep my math brain sharp.

So after my Monday class that gets out at 7:45pm I headed to the track to do my workout. So the sun is starting to go down as I'm looking for the closest open building so I can change. (Um seriously everything is closed in the summer. Thanks, School.) On top of that, there are no lights at the track. SO WEIRD. So I just decided to head to the gym and do it on the indoor track. Oh poor me, I had to use an indoor track.

Really the only problem is that its not posted anywhere how many laps is a mile. Inconvenient and an oversight if I say so myself. I wont bore you with all the details but it turns out I am terrible at pacing myself and in the end decided to jump on the treadmill for my workout. I did 5 quarter miles between 7.5-8mph with slower jogging in between. It was hard but manageable compared to the one I did on the track.

I was worried about the track thing the whole last half of my class, but in the end it all worked out. It's usually like that. Theres always another way to get something done.

And I silly pic of Charlie and I after a run for good measure.

Is it easy for you to change your running plans?

Were/are you the type to take summer school?

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