Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer lovin

After a fun weekend in the sun, life has left me with a lot of homework and chores to catch up on. It was definitely worth it. It's starting to get seriously warm here in the CA and little black Charlie was panting up a storm after only being outside for 5 minutes. It's definitely time for early morning walks so the little dude doesnt over heat. So we came inside and I made some breakfast while Charlie did a little foam rolling.
pb&j protein oats in my favorite bowl

he did this himself 
Now I'm waiting on my coffee to be coffee. Theres nothing better than a glass of iced coffee on a hot summer morning.
brewed double strength. works like a charm
And its a little too hot outside for a track workout for my liking, so another gym sesh for me.
Half mile repeats are on the schedule and I'm feeling good.
Happy Monday!

Do you prefer iced coffee during the summer?

Do you get up before the sun to do your workouts or do you hit the gym when its too hot?

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