Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first step

I don't like writing this because I don't want to think about it. I've seriously been bummed all day about it. It being my IT band and its hurting me. Tuesdays are usually my easy run day but not today. My IT band in my left leg has been feeling tight for a month or so now and causing some hip discomfort, but oddly it always felt better when I ran. So I've been icing, stretching, and foam rolling the crap out of it. To no avail I woke up and my knee was hurting.  So this is new....and not good new. My knee has never been the painful thing, but today it is. Part of me wanted to run through it, but I knew better. I know better. So here I am, icing, stretching, foam rolling and not running. I'm hoping that a few days of cross training and rest will get me feeling better. It's not unbearable pain, but it definitely doesn't feel great and I don't want it to get worse. So here is to healing and patience, something I don't always have enough of.

On a much happier note, have any of you been watching switched at birth? I'm such a sucker for abc family sometimes and this is one of those times. Check it out and we can gossip about it!

Also my 800s yesterday went really well. Though I'm sure it was not too helpful with  my leg situation, I felt really good during. Um 800s are much harder than 400s. WHO FREAKIN KNEW?! I did 10 min warm up and cool down and 4x800 with 400 recovery in between. I was super sweaty and loving it. Heres to healing so I can do more of that soon!
So sleepy after our walk
Gotta have a picture of CB for good measure.

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